Gabrielle Bell is featured in the current (57th) issue of Bitch Magazine. It’s a really nice feature and a great interview. Here Gabrielle is asked about money:

One major focus of The Voyeurs is money and self-sufficiency, particularly the story in which you talk to aspiring cartoonists about how to make money. Is it important for women, or women artists, to have frank discussions about money?

I’m not sure if it is a major focus, but it is a focus. Money is a thing we’re not supposed to talk about , it works behind the scenes. But that works to the advantage of those who have more of it. Having had it and — more often the case — having not had much, I am very aware of what a major driving force in life it is. I think there are a lot of myths about money. For example, if you do what you love, it is pretty unlikely that the money will follow. And it DOES buy happiness!

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